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Salt Drop Drawings


22.2 x 14.7 cm 

20 pages

Edition of 100


Salt Drop Drawings is a book of Images documenting samples of seawater interacting with the electric field surrounding a smartphone screen. In the photos, a touchscreen registers the saltiness of the water as if it were a finger. The conductivity of seawater making a series of line drawings using software on the device.

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Files (MT version)

Laser printed, 100 gsm biotop paper

29.7 x 29.7 cm

88 pages


Published by Montos Tatttoo

Edition of 30

Link - Montos Tattoo

Printer trails

133 pages

29.7 x 20.1 cm


Book of drawings made by attaching pens to the head of an inkjet printer. The work is a recording of the machines inner workings whilst printing files.

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