A computer mouse on a window translating light

Live process & postcard prints


(Installation views) Prin print prog at Centre for Recent Drawing, 2018


Inkjet printed, 29.7 x 20.1 cm, 133 pages, 2018

A book of  drawings made by attaching pens to the head of an inkjet printer, recording the machines inner workings whilst printing files. 


Inkjet and laser prints on carbon copy paper 

Imprints (Installation view) Part of Annual Ipswich Biennial, 2018

Imprints (Installation view) Prin print prog, 2018


A series of flatbed scans of magnets Xerox & digital prints 

,...more, (Installation view) Prin print prog, 2018

Each print: 25.6 x 18.2 cm 

Installation view Si:said, LT

Scans (Passonage Court)

Scans (Passongae Court)

CV#12, Iphone 5s, 2018  

BV-Sp 2 (Handheld), Blackberry, 2016

Blue Tape Work 02.02

Tape, scans, 2 x timed projections 2017


A site specific recording of the exhibition space, using a flatbed scanner with its lid open to scan the light levels of the room.

Installation views of Works exhibition at Passonage Court, Norwich, UK, 2017

CV#12, Iphone 5s, 2018  

BV-Sp 2 (Handheld), Blackberry, 2016

IR II, Blackberry,  2015

Grass, Blackberry, 2016